What is ITOHI?

ITOHI is an acronym for Invent This Invent That Open Hardware Inventions. This page hosts various Open Source and Open Hardware projects that I have created and wish to share with the world.

Who am I

My name is Andrius and I am a software engineer with a physics degree in telecommunication and electronics. My main passion lies in the research and development of various software as well as hardware projects. Mostly those projects stay in my closet collecting dust, however, the ITOHI project strives to change that.

I have decided to create all the projects as Open Source/Open Hardware so that the community could benefit from whatever I create or invent. In fact, the whole site source code is Open Source also! I am not planning to give it all for free, of course, mind you! Some of the projects will be growing towards a full-blown product for those who don't wish to solder anything from scratch or wish to save some time by purchasing modules or other electronic widgets that I'll put out for sale.

Until I reach the maturity of selling, you are free to support my inventing stuff by donating :)


I've been having a really interesting career as a freelancer both in the hardware and software worlds. I take circuit engineering, and soldering jobs as well as development primarily using ASM, C/C++, C#, Python, Go languages for embedded platforms, or PC both Linux and Windows.

I've been doing all kinds of projects ranging from some signal processing, and various process controllers to image processing and machine learning. When I was doing my Ph.D. I was writing various math-intensive algorithms as well as scientific apparatus controlling software that is being used even today.

I've designed both hardware and software parts of the light spectrum analyzer that was used for liquid crystal research.

I've built autonomous robots and written navigation AI for them.

I've designed and built a massively parallel surveillance application.

I've created a state-of-the-art algorithm for 3D model slicing designed for 3x independent printing heads 3D Printer during my CTO career at a 3D printer company.

Developed an OpenVRL engine - Opensource Virtual Reality Library for 3D simulations in C++ that could run using D3D as well as my software renderer and OpenGL...

Developed C++ template library for training and running neural networks (from simple Perceptrons to LSTMs) on embedded platforms...

And many more...

Currently, I'm working as a freelancer on blockchain-related projects.

Anyway, if you have any kind of interesting project, I'd gladly participate - just let me know :) Also, feel free to support me using Github Sponsorship!